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Child Complex and Stuff - Good Morning Sunshine

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December 18th, 2008

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10:41 pm - Child Complex and Stuff
I've heard that people who act younger than their age usually do that to make up for a traumatic childhood. Sometimes I act like a little kid, but for me I think maybe it's for the opposite reason. Being depressed, I don't really remember the last time I was happy. I just remember that as a little kid I was a very happy-go-lucky little girl. So I think when I act like I'm four, it's because my little kid days were the happiest of my life and in a way I'm trying to relive them. I'm sure some other people can relate, even if they don't act like a little kid. Despite whatever craziness was going on at home, social life outside the home was so less drama-filled in our childhood than now when we're teenagers/young adults. It must be the raging hormones.

A couple questions for my readers regarding love: a.) do you believe monogamy? b.) do you believe in bigamy? I find that a person doesn't have to believe in one and not the other. Personally, I think 2 people can make it work out. Sometimes I feel like there's no hope for love because otherwise the divorce rate wouldn't be so high. But there are rare cases where 2 people find they can stay together until death (maybe even after death, depending on your beliefs). All the same, I find people can find that same kind of love with more than one other person. I wish people could always be honest about it, though, because cheating is (I'd imagine) a big reason some people leave their spouses. And, true, cheating isn't always about love. Sometimes it's just purely about sex. Maybe even something else, idk. But still. I think bigamy isn't such a bad thing as long as all parties agree to it. In fact, it can be as beautiful as any monogamous relationship. But that's just me.
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Date:December 24th, 2008 04:17 am (UTC)
People should do what makes them happy. I don't have the right to define relationships for other people any more than I have the right to define their personality, their friends, etc etc. I mean, the way you approach a relationship is as unique as your personality, isn't it? Some people love being in relationships, others only like the chase, some need only one person, others need a few on the side. But I think the other person (persons) deserve to know that about you before getting in to a relationship - Give them a chance to avoid being hurt in the end. But you can't blame them if they do. Love is mysterious, right? (~_~)

As for me, I would loathe myself if I ever cheated. But if it wasn't cheating, I don't think I'd have a problem with it. Though, I don't think I can say that without ever having experienced it either! lol

My mother would have a heart attack if she read this. xD

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Date:December 27th, 2008 04:36 am (UTC)
Hehe! It's time for the over opinionated X- Church goers opinion! Mwuahahahahahahahahahahahah! **cough** <.<;;

Damn, I forgot what I was gonna say....**ponder** uhhhh Oh yea!! (brain is scattered, bare with me)

I'm a One man kind of girl, and I prefer my man to be a one girl kind of man. It's nice. No jealousy between two girl or guy lovers, no STDS, No Worries.

Even if each person knows about the other person, there will ALWAYS be jealousy, about who is spending time with who and "oh I wanna spend more time with A, B, C, &D" Which can and most likely will drive the relationship down the drain faster than hiding the fact that your cheating. (In no way am I saying that cheating is okay and better) Its a human/animal instinct to take ownership, and be territorial over things, so it will happen. (Jealousy)

If you think about it, most people are afraid of commitment, hence cheating, or are too dumb to actually work on their relationships. Cuz who ever said that relationships and LOVE is easy is stupid! Its not fairy tales! No matter how much you would like to think so! ((WHICH PISSES ME OFF! lol)) I think, when people base their relationship off a fairy tale, they get this false illusion that, thats how its supposed to be. Not always thank you.

When people get a divorce its usually A.) They fell out of love (which isn't love, was more like "I like my brother, but he is a damn good kisser") B.) Abused or C.) They married the wrong person to begin with because they were too Impatient to actually see who they were marrying. MY POINT BEING is that if everyone stopped believing in marriage and love, we might as well all just say fuck it, and sleep around and be open about it. (extreme out look to your blog, but nontheless)

I understand what your saying tho...I mean, to a point.
But hey! Things are bred into me, and it just happens. Sharing Body, soul, and emotion of my man with some other woman is not for me. I can't even think bout it. **ew** He'd be gone in a heart beat. Its just cheating to me no matter which way you look at it in the end.
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Date:December 29th, 2008 11:12 pm (UTC)
What the hell kind of point is point A?? LMAO! I nearly fell out of my chair... >_< *is still giggling while typing*

I don't think falling out of love can be classified so easily. Sure, they fell out of love (kissing brother-- I still don't get it, Kam!) but sometimes its so compounded with other issues, personal or otherwise, that they form the original, sticky, heart-breaking, grey mud of a break-up mudslide all on their own. Too many reasons for love not to work.

lol and besides, biologically, love is only a mix-up of pheremones and the right set of brain chemicals, right?

And I'd have to argue for the pologamy thing (for the sake of arguing, that is) that if there was a mutual love among all participants..? I mean, there are some people who could just not do this sort of thing (Go watched "snapped" on lifetime - WOW.) but even if there is some degree of jealously, things would never be boring in bed, ne? ^_^ And there's pretty good odds someone would always be there for you, too, when things are bad. And sometimes, anyone knows, too much of one person -even someone you love dearly - is just too much: But there's someone mutual to go to.

What can i say? I was raised without morals. :D Well, church ones anyways. And probably read waaaay too many romance novels with +2.
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Date:January 2nd, 2009 02:58 am (UTC)
I'm not even gonna try to explain the brother kissing thing!! toooooooooooo mind blowing... (in other words, I can't remember the point I was trying to make...haha)

For argues sake!!!
Boredum in bed was not the original topic! And even if it did become boring with said "one" person then you go to a god damn sex store! Not too difficult!
You don't have to have two lovers to have someone ALWAYS there for you. FAMILY, FRIENDS, etc.
Too much of one person can be a pain in the ass, but thats why they say "EVERY person in a relationship needs their own seperate life" And when they said that I don't think they meant an entirely differnt person to sleep with!!! >.< haha.

Mutual to go to? So your saying, that you and 1 lover is sick of lover 2, and you hang up on him/her?? Nice, not what I call 'love.'
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Date:January 10th, 2009 11:51 pm (UTC)
I think what she meant by "mutual between all participants" (and correct me if I'm wrong, Emily, or if I'm misunderstanding your point, Kamber) is that lover A is in love with lover B and lover C. Likewise, lover B is in love with lover A and lover C and lover C is in love with lover A and lover B. It could go on with more people, but for simplicity's sake, I kept it down to 3. But it's pretty cool that you guys don't have any ethical problems with the idea. I'm sure there are millions of people out there who would. And sexist, pig-headed men who would say only a man can have multiple lovers; women can only have one. The whole "men are bees, women are flowers" deal.

Now, were there any other points I wanted to make...? Kam, I don't get the kissing brother thing, either. If you ever remember what point you were trying to make, please let me know. >.< (and the "love is a fairy tale!" people piss me off, too. We're not living somewhere over the rainbow, people!) I also understand the jealousy thing. I almost said "especially with girls" but that isn't even it. While girls can be very possessive, guys are very competitive. I can see a girl with multiple guy lovers ending up watching a large fist fight. Although if she had 2 bisexual lovers, that could be interesting.... lol

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