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Just stuff - Good Morning Sunshine

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November 14th, 2008

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06:40 pm - Just stuff
I had a particular thought of the day to record... I thought of it while I was in the shower, but ]now I've forgotten it. So I guess I'll just talk about [dot]hack Infection (the video game). Ummm I reached the final boss (Skeith) before I knew it (I just recently got the game back from Kristina). I kept jabbing at him and my battle plan seemed steady. But I couldn't seem to do any damage! So on it went for what felt like it might have been a full 20 min. I tried to look up some walk-throughs on how to defeat him, but everyone keeps saying basically the same thing: I stocked up with lots of recovery items and beat him within a few minutes. People used different support characters and were at various levels. WTF?! That's basically what I was doing! I managed to stay alive, but I couldn't beat him! The only thing suggested that I haven't tried is have a wavemaster and a heavyblade (most people use BlackRose and Minstril) and have them both use attack skills while staying in the back and doing all the recovery. This might work... But still not much different from what I was doing before. Quite frustrating. But I feel rather good about myself having almost beat the game at level 24. And I'm glad I'm not the only one getting their ass handed to them by this boss. In fact, the rest of the phases are said to be easy. And in the process, I got some neat tips for finding rare items that will help me in the game sequel! Plus, apparently the name you choose has something to do with how well the game works for you! If you choose a name of a character in the book series, your chances of doing well increase (or maybe you get some extra events or something. Katie was the one who introduced me to this game, and she always went with the default name. As such, she used to talk about having more interactions with Helba and Balmung than I've ever experienced). So I'm going to start a new game, too, with a different name. I'm absolutely crazy about the book/t.v. series too! ^^ Maybe it'll be easier to beat the game that way.

Nothing is new. Still home (yay!). Still don't want to go back to school... It's such a drag when you learn that college still feels like school. I don't think it has been any different from high school for me; other than having to go to class less, do more work on my own, and not living at home. It's SO funny (more ironic than funny, really...): I never thought I would prefer my own home to anywhere in the world. Yet I like it here so much more than OU! Still... Everyone's in a bad day today and I wish I could live with one of my friends or something. My friends motivate me to live so much more than family or school. Actually, I did get a little burst of inspiration at my uncle's memorial. But that was soon overshadowed by my usual wallowing in self-pity and misery. Although I am learning a little bit more about how to read an astrological chart--one step closer to learning how to cast one, right?

Quote of the day: "I would suffer thrice the number of bonds [as Hephaestus] if only I could share the bed of Aphrodite the Golden" -Hermes

(Also pulled from the Witches' Almanac, '09-10 Issue 28. From page 73)
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