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Good Morning Sunshine

Got that from the title of an Aqua song

7 September 1989
Lots of stuff. I love Izumi Koushiro and Devon Murray. I love Digimon and ice cream and...um...Stuffed animals and colorful things and those toys from, like, the 80's (SO CUTE!!!) I like writing, drawing and climbing trees. I'm writing a story. It is a horror story. I like Miyazaki films and manga and anime. I watch One Piece every Saturday even though it's a little kid show. Sparkly things are cool. I wanna go bungee jumping. That looks fun! Soccer is fun, even if I'm not very good at it. Same with building stuff. Sorry to guys: I don't date. Not unless A.) You are a creature of the darkness or B.) I plan on killing you. Hopefully the guys I plan on murdering don't read this...
Leaving my bio from when I made my LJ back in high school because I think it's hilarious. It might be evident that I have attention deficit disorder. I used to be severely depressed, but I've worked through that. I'm an aspiring sex therapist, giving college a third try (dropped out twice--now that takes talent!). I still write a little bit, but I'm not as enthused about it as I once was. I'm an undeniable sweetheart. That's all you really need to know :)